The Next Video



From the previous posts and videos, I have been uploading the building of ride assembly tools.  In the new video,  to come, there will be a bit of a saga.  What do I mean?  I will cover a test track from design to fabrication.  To keep with the whole “brevity thing,” for any of you Big Lebowski fans out there, I will do a portion on each video.  Going forward with the larger builds, I will do the same process.  Sadly, these things take much time and can become intricate.  Let’s see if it works!

Aside from bent building and ride layout design, there will be car and train assembly and mechanical components.  The test track will have a hill, banked turn, and ultimately a magnetic brake section.  For things like the magnetic brakes, I want to throw in a bonus video of calculating magnetic fields and dampening power.  I know, lots of stuff always on the horizon.  However, these next few videos will have ride building and finally testing. 

As for the cars, I have designed the car to mount a GoPro HERO 4.  In fact, the center of rotation, called the heart line by some Swiss manufacturers (B&M), is actually at the center of the lens.    

Either way, more things to come soon!   Be sure to check out the YouTube channel and subscribe to see all the rides in motion!