Video Music

I once worked for a radio station in a major market, and one thing I hold near and dear to my heart is music in video.  Having some music really takes a personal video, and transforms it into a real production.


YouTube has a decent music/sound library, but I’ve been searching for a larger selection.  Perhaps more variety.  Having come a long way from my days of reusing “Maple Leaf Rag” in my videos, my last upload had a bit of a change.  Though I like the Dixieland Jazz and classic ballpark and amusement park music, having song selections that play on what’s being displayed is key.


Epidemic Sound is a subscription based repository of thousands of songs and sounds.  They allow you to place any and all song on to Youtube videos, and they won’t remove it should you ever cancel your account.  I am not being paid by them, I’ve just been researching

It might be worthwhile for me since I want to focus 80% of the efforts into video content as I progress, and 20% social and blog.  

Has anyone out there had successes with Epidemic Sound or any other service?  Leave comments, since I’m curious and am looking to pick some good tracks for videos.