Building Tools and Ride Structure

This week has been focused on the setup of the bent building tools.  

In the linked video, I machine the full sized bent building tool.  The post spacing is 4.5 inches, which is 1/24th the size of a modern wooden coaster post spacing.   

The last thing I will have to machine to make the ride structure repeatedly is a drill guide.  The drilling guide will provide correct locations for my small hardware: 1/16” nuts and bolts.  There will be a lot of hardware on this coaster, much like the real rides.  I mean, this is a real ride, just ridiculously small. 

After working on this for so long, sorry guys, I noticed the importance of creating the tools I will need to build my creations.  However, once the tools are made I can make as many of these rides as possible.  I shall cover the globe!  Yes, globe, meaning spheroid or ellipsoid.  None of that “flat Earth” bull shit on this page.  I mean, really?  People are still questioning this fact?


Aside from that, checkout the video.  Thank you guys and gals for your support!