Questions As of Today: Part 1

As things come back into full swing, I’ve had a few questions asked.  I will post a blog response as more of a summary to what has been asked on the various platforms.   

One of the most commonly asked questions pertains to how I created the data to build the ride or to build these rides.  To sum it up, I derive measurements and angles to place wooden members in the correct places based on the ride’s designed layout.  I know, vague.  Well, think of it like designing a building: you start from the top and work your way down.  As the building gets heavier the farther down you go, more structure is required to support the increasing loads.  With that being said, from a developed ride centerline you can provide a nice cushion of structure to support the varying loads.   

As for the actual physics and math to analyze these forces, I have a few videos on basic ride calculations on YouTube.

Now, for the angles and measurements...well they come from me or can come from you!  The crazy thing about science and engineering is that you need to make initial assumptions and test them to see a result.  As it pertains to a roller coaster, you are looking for a desired feel or experience.  To achieve the aforementioned ride experience you create numbers to match (or best you think).  Then you analyze what happens along the ride.  If these numbers represent what you’re shooting for, then you create the supporting aspects of the ride.   

To put it basically: set your parameters and make it fit within.  You’ll get all your angles and measurements, trust me.   




Testing helps evaluate measured data versus theoretical data.  Heidi approves.