For the New Year

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday, and are looking forward to the New Year.  Here at TRCP, we are changing a few things up. 


Machining and fabrication will resume as soon as possible once things are a little more stable.  With that being said, work dominated most of my life this past year and took me abroad often.  Now that I have returned, I want to delve deeper into the Trinus 3D printer we acquired earlier this year. 



The Trinus is a pretty solid little printer for the price, and it performs better than our previous Solidoodle.  For a review of the Trinus, please checkout the YouTube channel here .


Although the Trinus is not for final fabrication, we will be experimenting and uploading videos weekly to document.


Also, we will be adding “The Roller Coaster Project” shirts on our soon to be added store page for purchase.  That way you can show your support for The Biggest Little Rides to Ever Be. 


Enjoy Your Ride!