Update - December 15, 2017

It’s been a chaotic year.  Most of it has taken me overseas for work.  More updates on that will come early next year.  But, all the while I have not forgotten about The Roller Coaster Project. 


Skywarp Lead Coach


In all, it was a successful IAAPA trade show.  There were many vendors exhibiting VR ride experiences.  Having riden a few rides with such apparatus, I find them to be a bit gimmicky in their current state.  But who knows what will happen with future developments. 


As for building the coasters, I will be working on releasing more content.  Since there are a few things in the works in my personal life, it has hindered some of the development of the mini rides.  Nevertheless, I will work to update the blog regularly with my workings and will upload more YouTube videos accordingly.   


Enjoy Your Ride! 


Humbled by a young industry professional and fan.