A Rookie Mistake

In order to mass produce the anchorage for the roller coasters, I needed as special machine setup. Basically, it s a specially made vise that allows me to place small angle aluminum in a repeatable position to drill the correct holes.



The base plate of the vise is close to the width of travel for my little CNC mill, which is 4 inches.  My current setup for making “one-off” parts is to use one of my jewelers vises.  Seems like no problem, right?  Wrong.



Starting with a facing cut to clean the top, I used my typical 1/4” end mill.  Everything was working fine.  But the next operation was to adaptively clear metal.  This is where the isssue arrose.  



Notice how the z-column is tilted?  You should, it’s pretty apparent.  Well, I didn’t take into account the solid jaw of the vise overhanging on the back of the table.  So, as it worked it’s way around the metal it happened to run into the mill itself.  This sucks in so many ways when this happens.  I mean, it hasn’t happened in years.  But it makes you feel like a moron.  How could this much oversight take place? 

Afterwards, I had to tram the mill (square it up) and we are back in business.  The problem is, how do I make my custom vise? 

Well, I will be using my fixture plate that I purchased way back in the day at the beginning of my machining endeavors. 



But, the vise is still there?  Yes, I am going to make the jaws of my mini vise and use the fixture plate for spacing.  And...another problem.  Since the holes on this fixture plate are 10-32 (common 3/16” screw size), I only have 5mm screws...close but no cigar to sound like an old man.  I will be purchasing some 10-32 hardware and will continue to mill my vise.   

If you follow along on Instagram (@therollercoasterproject), then you saw my post about putting all machining videos in a playlist dubbed “Machining” on YouTube.  I want to have the videos for those who like machining, and the primary videos of ride building separated.  




Multiple videos are coming, so keep your eyes peeled.  I’m not sure why that’s an expression in America.  It’s weird.  But videos will be out as quickly as possible.  Also, I somehow fail to record my machining failures.  I always move the camera during the machine crashing... Oh well.   

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