Making YouTube Content

As some of you probably know, I use YouTube display my builds/machining, but I’ve been sporadic in the past.  Last night I wrapped up editing and narrating my latest video: check it out on YouTube.



In order to build these mini coasters, I decided to machine a precision jig which allows accurate structure spacing.  My later videos will be heavy in ride building, and I think they are more of what people want. 

I plan on uploading videos each Friday and want to set out to complete one portion of a larger project in each video.  Upon looking over my previous videos, I’ve noticed that they need more story telling/direction.  Last night I did some voiceover work, and with the setup I have it turned out pretty good.  I was a tad bummed that my mixing board won’t exactly work with my computer since updating the operating system, but I can record separately and piece the files together. 

This week was a bit of a struggle machining since I haven’t done it in a while, but I’m confident that later videos will have more content and focus a little less on the milling/turning of parts.  The cars will be machined in a few weeks, now the structure takes priority.  Hope you enjoy!