Slowly but Surely

Since the last time I machined anything was a while ago, I had to look through my availabile material.  I found various sizes of aluminum stock.  Most of the stock I have is for larger car concepts, but I did happen to order three feet of smaller sized aluminum which matches my needs currently. 



I had to fire up the Dewalt cold cut saw, again, and it worked well to cut the metal to approximate lengths.  It’s a good idea to know what size of stock metal you’re going to machine to setup the machine tool paths through the CAM software.  The whole process will be available in a video coming soon. 



The video this week will be centered around building the ride structure.  The 3D model in the picture about is a base form/jig to help build the bents precisely.  They will not be perfect, but will fit in an appropriate range.  Much like the real thing.  Stay tuned!