Thoughts Over The Weekend

Since I’m on the verge of this long adventurous process of machining little coasters, I had a few thoughts this past weekend.  One thought was “where to buy material in bulk?”  Typically I have used a few different sources: McMaster-Carr or Online Metals.  The prices vary depending on alloy type, but they have both been relatively cheap.

Now, I may be jumping the gun a bit, but it’s a good idea to plan for increased material costs throughout larger production.  The wood I will be using is also on the list of thoughts. 

When it comes to wood, it’s always better to find a wholesaler rather than frequenting the big box stores.  Wholesale is going to be my route, but I’m not too familiar with ordering from one.  If you guys have any advice on either metal or small scale lumber, please leave comments or reach out to me.

Also, tonight I will be testing the milling machine and possibly releasing a video or two this week.  Check back soon! 


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